• FREE Shipping!
  • No Installation; we ship it to you, you plug it in!
    (Plugs into your vehicle NO tools,
    NO wiring, NO antennas) 
  • 1 minute updates
  • Google Maps for Tracking 
  • Works with PC/Mac/Smart Phones with Internet Access 
  • Alerts for: speeding, location,
    and after hours movement
  • Lifetime Warranty for Active Customers


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Keeps eye (KE) Keeps eye(KE) is a device that uses the global positioning system to determine the precise location of the vehicle to which it is attached and to record position of the vehicle at regular intervals. read more


Industry Based Solutions Tech New Soft has designed solutions based on industry work flow. we have analyse the comuting part of diffrent industry. on bases of requirement we have provided the dedicated solutions.
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Technology that make diffrence Tech New Soft is in Research and development so updated technlogy is the essential for us. to provide batter solution to the clients. read more